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This Picture Shows What’s Wrong With Government “Charity”


People love to claim that if you don’t support their brand of socialism, then you hate poor people, are racist, are sexist, and are the general embodiment of everything wrong with society. The truth, of course, is the exact opposite. The best thing possible for the poor is for us to shift money from welfare to charity, because the poor get far more through private charity.

When you account for all of the political corruption, the government waste, the over-sized government salaries, the redundancy, the paperwork, the special interests, and other factors, only 30% of government “welfare” spending goes to the needy. Private charity is the opposite, with over 70% going to the needy. So much for “hating the poor”.

That means private charity is 150% more efficient than the welfare state. If you account for all of the government spending that is pure waste with nothing to do with the poor, you begin to see exactly why we hate the massive federal government. The government is making people poorer, not helping them to the middle class.

I honestly have no doubt that many people will claim that we secretly hate the poor, even if the facts prove the opposite. But the facts stand on their own. As Christmas is nearing, the left will likely be screaming louder and louder in favor of more government so that the feds will become a million-man Santa army.

But this wouldn’t be the best for those who need it. The best thing for them are people like you and I taking personal interest, donating our money and time, and making sure the right people get the money. That means responsibility — not forcing someone else to “take care” of the problem.

I think, deep down, most people know this. That’s why people give to private charity during the holiday season, and don’t give extra money to the IRS. We know what’s necessary to help those who need it — we just have to have the guts to stand up for them — and private charity — when it counts. And that means fighting the welfare state.

If you want to learn more about how broken our welfare state is, just read 3 insane facts about welfare in America. It’ll give you heartburn.

If you want to help people in the real world, don’t write your congressman. Instead, consider personally donating to these charities: Charity water helps drill for water for people in parts of the world who don’t have clean drinking water. This helps save lives by making sure contaminated water isn’t being consumed. It also helps farmers in areas where water is more scarce. This is a great way to loan money to extremely small-time entrepreneurs around the world, giving them a shot at prosperity. This is good for the economies of developing nations, and helps create demand for US goods and services. In a global economy, it’s always good to see real growth for real businesses — regardless of size. This is a great religious charity that helps people physically and spiritually who are victims of war, poverty, and disease.

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