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FBI LulzSec raids continue - Iowa women gets visit

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Time running out for retired hacking group
FBI LulzSec raids continue - Iowa women gets visit

The LulzSec hacking group may have pronounced its retirement a few days back, but that won't stop the FBI and other international police forces from?pursuing?the individuals involved. One suspected member, Ryan Cleary, has been released on bail after being arrested last week, and now it has emerged that a woman from Iowa, US has been raided by the FBI in connection to the cyber attacks.

It has transpired that Laurelai Bailey wasn't one of the members of LulzSec herself, but had long online chats with the hacking group Anonymous during an attack on the internet security firm HBGary earlier in the year. Members of Anonymous split off from the group to form LulzSec, hence the visit from the FBI.

Speaking to Adrian Chen of Gawker.com, who was a member of Anonymous himself, Bailey stated that the FBI agents told her that they weren't there to arrest her, but were interested to find out if she could infiltrate the group: "They wanted to know if I could get close to them," she said. "I told them these people hate me... it wouldn't do any good."

Bailey also stated that the FBI was particularly interested in the member known as Kayla: "Anytime I mentioned her, they seemed particularly interested," she said.

Some believe Kayla to be a 16-year-old girl, others that she's actually a man in his 20s (sounds about right for the internet). However, there is growing speculation that she's actually a sock puppet, a fake alias used by several members.

Apart from a selection of hard drives, camera and other computer equipment, it is reported that the FBI left mostly empty handed, as Bailey didn't have much more information to give them that they didn't already know.

However, as the bailed Essex boy and Asperger's syndrome sufferer Cleary has said that he will cooperate fully with the police investigation, surely it's only a matter of time before senior members of LulzSec will be caught.


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