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Bitcoin-based casino rakes in more than $500,000 profit in six months

URL: http://arstechnica.com/business/2013/01/bitcoin-based-casino-rakes-in-over-500000-profit-in-six-months/

Sadly, you can't spend actual bitcoins like these (non-digital ones) at a digital casino.

As various tech companies report their fourth-quarter 2012 earnings numbers this week, so are two gray-market, Bitcoin-based casinos—and one is turning profits in the hundreds of thousands of dollars after only six months of being in business.

Recently, both SatoshiDice and bitZino released their financials. If these self-reported earnings are to be trusted (and the companies say they are, given that a Bitcoin block chain can be read by anyone), then running a Bitcoin-based casino yields a tidy profit.

"These tiny startups are hitting some major online casino pain points. They're crushing it on those fronts and as an entrepreneur, I think that's rad—they are leveraging a disruptive technology to try and kick a large-scale industry in the balls," said Peter Vessenes, the CEO of CoinLab, a Bitcoin-based business, which got $500,000 of venture capital last year.

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